Levenstond Seafood also thinks of the future, both for the company and for the people.  This way, the company offers a helping hand in protecting fish reserves. Open sea catches will only be bought from liners, longliners and seal ring fishermen. Levenstond Seafood always buys directly from the fishermen and does not appeal to fish junctions. The company wants to build a long term relationship with the fishermen and examines together with them how the best products can be offered. The fishermen with which Levenstond Seafood cooperates durably, map the areas where the small fish swim about. There they do not haul up fish, but only catch what must be caught, and use gentle halieutic techniques, with which no damage is done to the seabed. For Levenstond Seafood farmed fish is also a good answer on the rising question for fish. The company can offer a vast range of farmed fish types. The farmers of these fish types are also presented with a list of requirements, all this with a view to establishing a durable long term relationship.