Levenstond Seafood chooses no compromises, but is only satisfied with the best. Of course everything starts at the origin of the product. Whether the country of origin is Iceland, Norway, Scotland or Sri Lanka, the quality at the onset, must be optimum. Therefore, Levenstond Seafood chooses resolutely for the short and less aggressive halieutic methods. On the one hand this is a guarantee for less wounds to fish flesh, on the other hand this procedure protects the younger fish. Then it is a question of fast action. Levenstond Seafood chooses resolutely to let process the caught fish under prerigor conditions. Also, the products will be flown out by plane, so that there is no precious processing time lost. All these points of interest contribute to an extremely short time delay between catching and marketing of the product, something which the customer might appreciate in the end product. During each production stage very strict standards are effective. Just like the end product, also the employees must come up to high requirements. The period during which a product can remain in stock, is limited and is carefully registered. Levenstond Seafoods own logistical unit ensures a smooth service and always stands ready to supply the best the sea has to offer.