Beginning 2007 Levenstond Seafood has been set up. First production started in July of the same year. A combination of factors made possible this unique company. The most important factor are the people. Levenstond Seafood works with an experienced team of experts, who have a vast knowledge of the world of fish. The company has established a new, state of the artbuilding, in which all needs and requiries of a modern feeding company were taken into account. Levenstond Seafood works with an entirely online tracability system that checks each step in the production process: from raw material to packing, from finished products to final destination.

In its own vision the company wants to be a small player in the large fishprocessing industry, so that the customer can find the perfect suit and that, together, a wished sale objective can be ensured. Levenstond Seafood offers dayfresh products in the most divergent processing, going from traditional fishfilet to a carefully composed starter. For this, the company chooses to work mainly with fish which comes from durable halieutics. The choice for fish farms will not sound strange, consequently. Levenstond Seafood offers a vast range of organic fish types.